Tuesday, 11 February 2014

IBF Judo Dan Grade Syllabus

IBF UK Dan Grading Examination
Requirements for all candidates.
Part 1
·        Part 1 (points available 200) Candidate to demonstrate 10 counters and 10 combinations of their choice, on the move.
·        Part 2 (points available 150) Candidate to demonstrate 5 ground holds, 5 arm locks and 5 strangles of their choice. (These must be done in a practical way)
·        Part 3 (points available 100) Candidate to demonstrate 10 throw from the Gokyo, of the examiners choice.
·        Part 4 (points available 50) 10 Questions on Japanese terminology
Total points available 500
Part 2
1st Dan (16 years of age or above)                 
2nd Dan (18 years of age or above)
3rd Dan (21 years of age or above)
4th Dan (30 years of age or above)
Goshin Jitsu
All the katas above are worth 500 points.
All Candidates must have an understanding of IJF rules Pass mark for all the above is 85% and all candidates will be required to have an accurate understanding of currant IJF rules and candidates maybe asked to prove their prowess in Randori/Shiai. Extra marks will be given to those who compete and record of this must be given to examiner

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